Solar Roadways fights climate change in Minnesota when the start-up company promised a sunnier future through innovative technology. Before, Minnesota residents have been feeling frustrated as orange cones appear because of spring's prolific crop of potholes. But as Solar Roadways fights climate change, there may be a better and greener future yet.

The small start-up business which promises the sunnier future is Solar Roadways. Based in Idaho, Solar Roadways fights climate change unexpectedly ahead of their plan as they hit their goal of raising $1 million through Indiegogo on Sunday. This is a full week ahead of their deadline.

Solar Roadways fights climate change began with their unique proposal to replace the nation's roadways with heavy-duty solar panels. According to Fox9, the proposal made a big splash in the national press and online last week. Now, because of the publicity, Solar Roadways fights climate better with funding secured and all set to move forward with their prototypes. Donations are also reportedly still pouring in.

Minnesota survived possibly the worst winter in 30 years. However, even the most resilient residents of the state can't deny that shoveling driveways and sidewalks is a hard task and can diminish appreciation for a winter wonderland. Now, with Solar Roadways new innovation, the solar roads, shovelling may be a thing of the past.
Solar Roadways fights climate change began with inventors and founders, Julie and Scott Brusaw. They reportedly specifically designed the panels to do more than simply endure northern climates and snow. The solar panels will use some of the energy they collect in order to power elements which keep the surface temperature a few degrees above freezing.

Thus, a self-heated roadway could make plowing obsolete and extinguish accidents due to icy roads. Not only does Solar Roadways fights climate change with solar roads, according to the Guardian Liberty Voice removing corrosive salt from the roadway would additionally extend the life of motorists' vehicles.

The inventors say that the modular design will make it easier to replace a broken panel and simply swap it out instead of relying on asphalt patches, which are becoming increasingly expensive.

The solar panels which makes Solar Roadways fights climate change, are protected by a specially-designed tempered glass that allows light to get to the solar panels. It also reportedly allow the LED lights inside them to shine through in a variety of patterns -- but is as strong as steel.

Fox9 reports that the U.S. Federal Highway Administration has already provided Solar Roadways with two phases of funding to research and develop a paving system that will pay for itself over its life-span. The second phase reportedly involves building a prototype parking lot.

Solar Roadways also said that the future may also be better for animals as a solar-paneled road could warn motorists of objects in their path. The panels are pressure-sensitive and can detect light objects such as a child stepping into the road, as well as tree or rock debris.

Solar Roadways fights climate change also by cutting stormwater pollution. According to the company, their creation offers even more perks than the clean energy provided to the grid. They use as many recycled materials as possible in the construction of the panels, and that they are also tackling the problem of stormwater pollution. Because their budget has been met, the production process for the solar panels is set to begin and be refined. The inventors said that if all American roads were upgraded to solar streets, they could produce three times as much energy as the nation currently uses.

To watch how Solar Roadways fights climate change with their new innovation, see video below.