Exhilarating Landing and Take-Off In The World's Top Five Extreme Runways

May 08, 2017 10:16 AM EDT

For travelers not frequently flying, waiting in airport lines and boarding flights is something not too nerve-wracking. But for frequent flyers, waiting in long lines is a big deal especially if delays could mean huge problems. However, these five extreme runways might make the flight scary, but it also makes the wait worthwhile with excellent views outside. is a seasonal landing facility, well, almost. The unique airport does not have a lit landing strip but it uses a beach in Traigh Mhor beach on Barra Island in the Outer Hebrides. Without lights, private planes land being led by wooden poles.

In the Caribbean islands, Saba has the world's shortest runway for commercial flights. However, only special aircraft capable of decreasing speed immediately through a 396-meter landing strip are allowed to land on the runway. And yes, they should be light enough to take off immediately with such a short distance.

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According to MSN, France's Courchevel Altiport requires special training for its pilots. Situated in the French Alps, the mountainsides and ridges are likely to hit the plane's wings, which necessitates precision flying from pilots. Passengers can enjoy the exhilarating and death-defying ride, along with the amazing view of the Alps.

The United States has its own McCaran International Airport in Nevada. The landing strip hides Las Vegas from view. Further acceleration brings forward the city like a desert mirage. The landing strip is also specially lit, which may remind one of the neon lights and flashy spectacles of the city of pleasures.

BBC writes that the Colorado Telluride Regional Airport, built on top of a mountain, is an exciting and scary experience. The landing strip is situated 300 meters above ground on a mountain plateau. The landing strip is so dangerous, airport authorities banned night landings for all pilots.

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