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Updated: Mar 15, 2014 05:00 AM EDT

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Gillian Anderson's feet are apparently grabbing the sole attention of many people. Getting a glimpse of the actress' feet is getting some people more than just thrilled. Gillian Anderson's feet are a size seven.


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Other random facts aside from Gillian Anderson's feet being a size seven are: her belly button is pierced, and she briefly had her nose pierced as well, she has a tattoo on her right ankle, which naturally attracts attention toward her lovely feet. The tattoo is of two turtles, a symbol of a native group living on the South Pacific island where she had it done. 


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Gillian Anderson is much-loved not only for her talent, but apparently Gillian Anderson's feet are much-loved as well, and the beautiful actress can be seen flaunting them in various shoots.


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Gillian Anderson was a star of the '90s sci-fi hit The X-Files, where she achieved international recognition for her role as Special Agent Dana Scully.


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Gillian Anderson, originally Gillian Leigh Anderson, began her career in theatre. Her film biography includes The House of Mirth in 2000, The Mighty Celt in 2005, The Last King of Scotland in 2006, and two X-Files films, The X-Files in 1998, and The X-Files: I Want to Believe in 2008.


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Gillian Anderson has received five Primetime Emmy Awards nominations and she has won of these along with five Golden Globe Awards nominations with one win.

Today Gillian Anderson stars as Meg Fitch in 'Crisis' along with BBC show The Fall, followed by NBC's Hannibal.


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"I feel very, very lucky to be able to have these opportunities," the actress told The News, "and that they've been able to coincide and that everybody has been as open and generous as possible to allow them to co-exist. That, in and of itself, is awesome."

Gillian Anderson's feet just add to the gorgeous actress' charms. She takes good care of her soles as much as she takes care of her heightening career as a TV star.

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