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Netflix Drama ’13 Reasons Why’ Could Do More Harm Than Any Good; Viewers Warned By Australia’s Mental Health Group

Travelers Today       By    Sweet Diana Dawn Paller

Updated: Apr 21, 2017 04:00 AM EDT

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13 Reasons Why, 13 Reasons Why episode

Netflix made "13 Reasons Why" drama series available last month and it follows a story of Hannah Baker who committed suicide. The role is played by an Australian star, Katherine Langford and series features the details behind her decision to commit suicide and how she uses a tape to detail it all.

Since the series started airing on Netflix, an Australian mental health foundation received growing feedbacks through calls and emails from the different parents and youths who are worried about its scenes. This popular Netflix drama drew lots of strong debates about its final episode since it portrayed graphics about rape and self-harm, Yahoo News reported.

Mental health groups are concerned that the show could do more harm than any good to its viewers. Some researchers suggest that showing these methods of suicides could increase the potential risk for weak people to commit one.

This issue became the concern of various suicide advocacy groups and most of them warn parents not to expose youth to "13 Reason Why" scenes. The head of Headspace's online counseling service, Dr. Steven Leicester, also added in his statement that broadcasters should know their responsibilities on what they are showing on the public. Certain content such as seen on the final episode could create a bad impact on the audience.

NME also reported that the series writer already responded to this claims. One of the actresses of "Stranger Things", Shannon Purser, has also warned young viewers to avoid watching the series. The show has been exposing graphic scenes that may trigger painful memories of the audience, most particularly the youth.

Meanwhile, the book author from which "13 Reasons Why" drama series was based from also requested Netflix to warrant a second season. It has been Netflix's most popular series which created numbers of tweets during its first week of release.

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