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Steve Stephens Death: ‘Facebook Killer's’ Mom Knew Her Son Will Kill Himself

Travelers Today       By    Florette A.

Updated: Apr 20, 2017 08:04 AM EDT

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Facebook Killer, Steve Stephens, Pennsylvania State Police, facebook live

The murderer who was called the "Facebook Killer" killed himself while being followed by Pennsylvania State Police. When the police closed in on him, he pulled a gun and shot himself dead inside his white Ford Fusion vehicle. His death was already expected by his mother Maggie Green because according to her, her son visited her to say goodbye.

Green said that she knew of her son's death on the radio. Stephens appeared to her and said, "'Momma this will be the last time you see me...I just wanted to see you for the last time." She revealed that her son was a good Christian but he had a gambling problem as reported by Fox News.

The Cleveland police did not know his whereabouts after he killed Robert Godwin, Sr. without provocation and even took a video of the crime and uploaded it on Facebook. Pennsylvania State Police Major William Teper Jr. said that he knew through social media that the cellphone of the dead killer was recovered in Erie hours after he killed the 74-year-old victim.

Cleveland police on Monday informed residents of Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, and Indiana that the "Facebook Killer" could be in those states. The manhunt for Stephens later expanded nationwide. The Erie County is 100 miles away from the place of the murder.

Stephens was spotted at a MacDonald's drive-thru around 11 a.m. The employee who took his order of 20 pcs. of McNuggets and a basket of fries, called 911 even if he is not 100 percent sure it was him. According to Henry Sayers, he looked normal.

The store manager later reported that while they were calling 911, their employee told Stephens to wait a little later for the fries but he hurriedly left without them.

The Pennsylvania State Police responded immediately thinking it was him because his cell phone was found in the area. A manhunt followed and after a 2-mile chase, he was cornered. Before the police could come near him he already shot himself in the head.

The Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams was relieved that the case had a closure. For the Godwin family that claims their dead relative has no connection whatsoever with the killer.

13 News Now reported that the victim was collecting aluminum cans before Easter dinner on E. 93rd Street when he was shot by Stephens. Then the 37-year-old killer shared the shooting on Facebook where he confessed to the crime. Godwin's sister admitted that she was angry for losing her brother and best friend and wants to see Steve Stephens in court.

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