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Prince Harry Admits Plans Of Having A Child; Would This Mean Settling Down With Megan Markle?

Travelers Today       By    Sweet Diana Dawn Paller

Updated: Apr 19, 2017 10:14 AM EDT

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Prince Harry, 32, desires to take his private life very seriously. The prince opened up recently about his plans that he already wants to have his own baby in the near future. Will this mean settling down with her long-time girlfriend Megan Markle?

In one of his latest interviews, he talked about mental health problems that he went through after the death of his mother, Prince Diana. It was also during that time when the prince talked about having kids at his age. Right now, he is in a very serious relationship with Markle, and this could possibly mean that they now plan to take their relationship to another level, Hollywood Life reported.

Further, the prince spends his Easter in Toronto and fans concluded that the engagement between the couple is no longer taking too long. Harry is used to mingling with the children around him since his older brother Prince William already has two kids and it has given him the skills in terms of dealing with them.

He is known for being a devoted uncle as well as a good godfather to his five close friends. Through these experiences, he already trained himself in handling babies. Celebrity Insider reported that having his own child is no longer a question for the prince since it is what he really want years from now.

When asked about whether he is a good godfather or not, the prince answered that he would like to think so that he is. He also shared his opinions about balancing growing up and staying in touch with your childhood side. For him, this could simply mean playing around with children and beating them up with PlayStation games. By doing so, kids could get attached with you easily and you will also earn their respect at the same time.

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