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‘Mulan’ Live-Action Update: Director Niki Caro Confirmed Live-Action Remake Will Include Music

Travelers Today       By    Sweet Diana Dawn Paller

Updated: Apr 05, 2017 06:02 AM EDT

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Disney's "Mulan" live-action remake will hit the big screen in November 2018. One of the primary concerns of the fans around the world is whether the forthcoming movie will feature music or not. According to previous reports, movie creator told the press that the movie remake wasn't intended to be musical. However, just recently, Director Niki Caro already confirmed that the live-action will now include music.

Apparently, there were certain challenging concerns pertaining to the production of "Mulan." Caro is trying to shape up the kind of production that they want for the film. As per Teen Vogue, the movie director already confirmed that there will be music included for this Disney movie remake. The forthcoming film will be based on a Chinese ballad and on the animated Disney classic and that they are still figuring out what songs to play.

Further, the director also added that the inclusion of music to the film won't become a problem at all. For Caro, she is more focused on the cultural authenticity and specificity of her work and all she wanted to make sure is that "Mulan" live-action will come out cultural authentic.

As per Screenrant, there will be a huge pressure for this upcoming live-action production following the success of other Disney films like "Beauty and the Beast" and as well as "Dumbo." However, the director assured the fans that they are working on it and she even planned of working with Chinese history experts since she considers the project a bigger one and is something incredibly important to her.

Moreover, Caro's commitment is now with "Mulan." This simply means that fans just need to wait and trust the movie director on what he can do for the live-action version. As of now, we'll have to wait for upcoming updates as to the kind of music they'll include on this Disney hit movie.

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