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Boeing Dreamliner Update: Nippon Airways Claim $15 Million Loss, Seeking Money from Boeing? [video]

Travelers Today       By    Antranig Dereyan

Updated: Jan 31, 2013 11:14 AM EST

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The FAA mandatory grounding of Boeing's Dreamliner, due to safety concerns over their lithium-ion battery has cost All Nippon Airways $15 million in lost revenue.

ANA has catered their company around Boeing's "super jet," with 50 aircrafts to their name (the largest Dreamliner operator in the world) says that they "would seek compensation from Boeing once the full extent of the damage is clear. But the carrier said its priority was to establish the cause of the problems and return the 787 to service," according to CNN Money.

Boeing on the other hand reported on Wednesday that it did not expect a "significant financial impact," though, acknowledged that could change once the results of the FAA, ANA and their own internal investigation is revealed.

"ANA has been forced to cancel 459 flights so far this month, at a cost of ¥1.4 billion (roughly $15 million) in lost revenue, it said in a statement. It is unclear when its 17 Dreamliners will be in the air again," according to CNN Money.

If the Dreamliner remains out-of-action for a substantial amount of time (a year or more), ANA could be in for some "turbulent" times ahead.

Not expecting for this issue to last long, ANA executive vice president Kiyoshi Tonomoto said, "ANA is making the utmost effort to regain confidence in the safety of 787 and return it to operation by cooperating with U.S. and Japanese authorities and the aircraft maker."


All Nippon Airways' (ANA) Executive Vice of Investor Relations, Finance & Accounting President Kiyoshi Tonomoto bows during a news conference in Tokyo said the grounding of Boeing Co's 787 Dreamliner jet, with undiagnosed battery problems, would cost it around $15.4 million in lost revenue from cancelled flights this month. (Reuters)



The good financial news about this, as far as ANA is concerned, "The Dreamliner grounding will not affect its forecasts for the fiscal year ending March 31, ANA said, after posting net profit of ¥52.2 billion for the first nine months, up almost 56% on the same period the previous year," according to CNN Money.

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