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Five Ways To Guarantee Maximum Phone Protection

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Mar 31, 2017 05:09 AM EDT

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Accessories, add-on applications and essential data protection tips are the best ways to protect the travelers' smartphones while in transit and in their vacation destinations. The best ones out there are not too expensive yet they deliver their intended purpose of superior protection. Here are five great ways to protect your phone.

Ensure that your data is in check. Do not simply connect to free public WiFi networks. Most of these networks, including those found in airports and restaurants, are often unsecure. Logging into an unsecure network and logging into your online banking details exposes this information to individuals with the capability to penetrate devices in unsecured networks interested in perusing them.

According to the Bend Bulletin, new US travel regulations give the country's airport authorities the right to ask individuals they suspect regarding their social media logins. Data security is important and two-step verification, device encryption and cloud backups are best solutions to avoid any dilemma with airport officials.

In safeguarding the physical aspects of your phone, it would be wise to use a special smartphone armband to wear around you when you hike, run, bike or perform extraneous legwork during your vacation. Smarter Travel recommends using the Otterbox Universal Amrband, which protect the device from sweat since it is made from silicon and it fits users perfectly.

Sometimes, travelers by the beach or poolside would want to take photographs while inside the pool. Special cases completely airlock smartphones. But the Lewis N. Clark Self-Sealing Waterproof Pouch is no ordinary pouch; its transparent plastic cover is touchscreen compatible and the magnetic double closure seals the phone making it effectively waterproof.

Bringing a smartphone and an enormous wallet in one's pocket makes one's outfit appear bulky and it ruins one's travel fashion. The VRS Design Damda glide case uses a sliding compartment and is semi-automatic. One could place their credit cards and IDs inside while ensuring better phone protection from possible impact.

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