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‘Overlord’ Season 2 Spoilers: New Season To Tackle Lizard Man Hero Arc Of Light Novel Series?

Travelers Today       By    Fernz Lasco

Updated: Mar 21, 2017 04:42 AM EDT

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It has been 10 days after the surprise announcement of "Overlord" Season in the second anime compilation film last March 11. Moviegoers are very shocked to see an announcement video following the films credits revealing that the anime adaptation will have the most-awaited Season 2. Madhouse Studio is taking responsibility for the project and they are keeping quiet for a while. However, as sure as the wind blows, they are up to something explosive.

Madhouse Studio is behind the numerous successful anime series in the industry like ONE's "One Punch Man" and Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata's dark fantasy series, "Death Note." There are no announcements regarding the content or plot of the second season which left hardcore fans searching for clues and other spoilers. The first season of the anime is based on the first three volumes of the light novel series with 11 more on the line.

Following the chronology of Kugane Maruyama's light novel series, Season 2 of "Overlord" will focus on Carne Village as reported by Opp Trends. The village was first rescued by Ainz Ooal Gown from the Sun Scripture of the Slane Theocracy. Lupusregina Beta, a battle maid of the Pleiades Six was assigned by Ainz to stay and protect the village focusing on three people namely Enri Emmot, Nfirea Bareare and Lizzie Bareare.

There are also clues that are left in the first season leading to potential storylines that may happen in the second season. In the finale of the first season, Albedo, the series' female lead, mentioned something about a race called Lizardmen. In the light novel series, the Lizardmen are the main subject of the fourth volume with a story arc titled "Lizard Man Heroes Arc."

As for the release date, there is no information regarding the matter but the team behind the hit anime series is in full force of marketing the upcoming Season 2. According to MS Star News, Yen Press joined forces with Machi Asobi Café to make a café based on the anime series. The project is said to feature dishes that are shown in the anime.

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