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‘Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Is Going To Have Big, Airplane-Sized Changes

Travelers Today       By    Florette A.

Updated: Mar 21, 2017 04:27 AM EDT

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It's still a long way before "Game of Thrones" returns for its seventh season. With Daenerys Targaryen's return imminent, it would be safe to assume that fire and blood is on the horizon.

So what can we expect this season aside from the usual fare of political backstabbings and pitched battles? Well for one, we can expect bigger dragons and possibly even some dragon vs. dragon action.

According to the Huffington Post, Kit Harington a.k.a. The King in the North Jon Snow said that the show's final two seasons will be "breaking boundaries". "Game of Thrones" season 7 director already mentioned that the dragons are the size of Boeing 747s. Now that's certainly one way to break boundaries.

Given the rate at which Dany's dragons grew in the past six seasons, this comes as no surprise. Within the span of a few years, Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal went from being the size of cats to the size of a warship.

Drogon, named after Daenerys' late husband and her obvious favorite, was also reported to breathe flames 30 feet in diameter as reported by Den of Geek. Given his size, it's possible that he can reach or even surpass the legendary Balerion.

But Dany's isn't the only one packing heat, pun intended. Speculations regarding dragons beyond the wall have surfaced after a poster showing a blue-eyed dragon began circulating a few months back.

Many fans believe that an ice dragon or dragons exist beyond the wall. Some of these may have been under the control of the Ice King which is why he is shown riding one in the poster.

Another explanation is that the White Walkers were able to kill one of the Targaryen dragons. Using the same magic he used on the wildlings, the Night King could have been able to acquire a dragon this way.

Still, the more imaginative fans have another theory. This time, however, it involves Bran Stark and his powers as a warg. Should ice dragons exist beyond the wall, the young Stark is believed to be capable of controlling them. The same way his ancestor and namesake was able to control the giants to build The Wall and possibly Winterfell.

Ice dragons or not, it's no question that the final two seasons of "Game of Thrones" are to die for, figuratively speaking of course. So set up your Stark banners and don your Night's Watch cloak because winter is finally here.

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