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'Counting On' Update: Joseph Duggar's Girlfriend Kendra Caldwell Does Not Believe Homosexuals Exist

Travelers Today       By    Florette A.

Updated: Mar 20, 2017 04:10 AM EDT

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Counting On. Kendra Caldwell, Joseph Caldwell

"Counting On" will soon show Joseph Duggar announcing that he and Kendra Caldwell are courting. Their friends, church mates, and fans were rejoicing that another Duggar has entered into a relationship. A portion of Arkansas, however, does not care about the courtship but on Kendra Caldwell's stand about homosexuals.

Caldwell's father is the Pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Fayetville, Arkansas. The church was responsible in distributing tracts that said homosexuals do not exist according to AOL. Caldwell also did the distribution of the literature. Residents reacted to the tracts saying that they were offended much more that they did house-to-house campaign to distribute the tracts.

Some neighbors went to the media to voice their concerns. A certain resident Joanna McCusker told local outlets that the residents were disturbed. Another offended resident named Joan Sirlin said that she has received religious pamphlets before but nothing so shocking like the Caldwell ones. She added that she does not think it is right to push one's religious beliefs on people.

Pastor Paul Caldwell responded to the media via a text message. He wrote that his church loves the LGBT community and for that reason, they have reached out to them since 2014. The house-to-house tract distribution was one way of doing the outreach. He added that that the tracts were reminders of the love of God for them, and that they must tell them the truth. McCusker responded that the tracts say that they do not believe homosexuals exist.

This must be the bone of contention which the Caldwells have to explain. The tract has been taken on a negative light and if they want to minister to these people, they have to do it a loving way.

Meanwhile, the Duggar family has expressed their joy for the new relationship between Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell. They have the same reaction to the Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth engagement. The Joseph Duggar and Joy-Anna Duggar relationships will soon air on TLC's "Counting On."

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