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Five Reasons Why You Should Not Drink Alcohol On A Plane

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Mar 17, 2017 06:15 AM EDT

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In Flight Drinking
Inebriation is available before flights in airport bars and in-flight through flight menus. There are five reasons why travelers should avoid them though -- and they are quite difficult consequences.
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Airplanes are fast-moving, equilibrium-shifting rides that need every part of one's body on full alert until the plane reaches stability upon reaching its ideal travel altitude. This makes it a truly bad idea. Travelers who remain unconvinced that drinking in planes should never be should read these five more facts.

It is stressful enough to go through a strip search in almost every airport, which could make one feel like they might deserve a drink. But falling into a stupor before boarding a plane, the flight crew has the legal right to deny passage to heavily inebriated passengers. On flights -- alcohol is served but only in regulated amounts -- which can make for a decent flight.

Despite this fact, drinking on airplanes remains a bad idea even if the menu offers it 36,000 feet above the air. According to Thrillist, the air is not breathable this high in the atmosphere and the airplane only has limited oxygen. A single whiskey glass could end up multiplying its effects by five or even ten times.

According to the Royal Dutch Airlines, its policy -- and possibly the policy of every airline in existence -- is to prioritize the safety and security of passengers and crew. Even in a regular bar, an intoxicated individual is sent out to avoid disrupting other guests enjoying their time. Airlines would have two crewmembers gently restrain the drunken individual to avoid disrupting the guests -- and he or she could be unlucky enough to be restricted from boarding a connecting flight.

Possible mishaps that could occur are additional costs due to fines and mandatory fees to pay for transportation upon landing. As a traveler heads home, one's parking fees could become more exorbitant. Airport personnel may send drunk travelers off through private airport transportation charged in the drunk traveler's name.

The possibility of having a negative reputation with an airline through repeat drunken behavior could bring negative consequences -- even a possible flight ban. Should one prove drunken and disruptive in the airport itself, one could even be arrested.

Moderate drinking travelers who would want to blame airlines for offering inebriation have every right to do so -- the profits from in-flight sales restrain airlines from prohibiting in-flight alcohol in full. Drinking is legal in flights as a fact, but drinking profusely in flights -- as in pubs or bars -- will have passengers face dire consequences.


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