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Orlando's 'Sweet Escape' Features All Your Childhood Dreams In A Vacation Home

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Mar 13, 2017 04:16 AM EDT

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Ever wondered about the feelings fairytale duo Hansel and Gretel felt when they found the witch's home of sweets? If Disneyland feels too crowded for travelers this year, in Orlando is the "Sweet Escape," a 10-bedroom home with in-house amenities where candies are visually everywhere -- including pool slides and the house itself!

Travel and Leisure's editors, who are used to seeing many beautiful locations as part of their daily tasks, were "blown away." The news website said it takes "a lot of 'wow factor'" to really impress their editors. But an ice cream cone-shaped pool, a mini golf course and a discotheque and theater inside the house are just a few things lucky bookers of this house could enjoy for an overnight to a week's stay.

An ice cream cake makes up the steps upward the slide down the pool where the cherry on top is actually a youngster's Jacuzzi with underwater fountains on the ice cream pool and the cone. On its side are beach beds and lounges to bask in the sun -- a change of pace from the dessert-themed pool.

In its official website is the complete list of features, room themes and amenities guests could enjoy. For younger guests is the Video Game Arcade Area, which features modern arcade games using kinect, a foosball table, and even a classic pinball machine. The Brick of Chocolate Movie Theater does not exactly look like a room covered in visually-appealing chocolate bars (they should be inedible of course), but the brown colored theme room coupled with an overhead projector, an adults and kids set of seats and posters of classic movies is perfect for a nightcap to an amazing staycation.

The house has 10 rooms, each with its special theme. One is the "The Carnival Suite," which is a light-colored baby-blue-and-white themed room that would remind one of amusement parks and candy canes. Hershey and Skittles-themed rooms include candy paraphernalia and even candy dispensing machines for guests' pleasure

According to Travel and Leisure, the "Sweet Escape" home in Orlando could host up to 52 guests, making it a perfect getaway. It is a bit costly for a price of $1,182 a night, but with a group of guests willing to live out their childhood dreams -- or for multiple child birthday celebrants, it should be worth it.

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