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See Behind-The-Scenes Action With These LA Studio Tours

Travelers Today       By    Sheobi Anne Ramos

Updated: Mar 08, 2017 04:53 AM EST

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Everyone knows that Los Angeles is the home of the stars. It's also the home of your favorite American TV shows too.

So on your next trip to L.A.; why not treat yourself to a studio tour of your favorite TV show? You might get a glimpse of your favorite celebrities! Here are some of the well-known public studio tours you can do here. 

Paramount Studios Tour. This studio is the one behind Glee, Dr. Phil, and Community, and guests can choose whether they want the regular tour or the VIP tour. This studio is one of the oldest in Hollywood, and the only one in the area to open its doors to the public.

Sony Pictures Studio Tour. If you're a fan of Breaking Bad, Men in Black, and The Wizard of Oz, then this studio tour is perfect for you. The whole area downsized and have changed a lot since its days as the iconic MGM Studios, but the whole tour still has a pleasant ambiance. You can also treat yourself to some froyo after the tour at the on-site Yogurtland.

Universal Studio Hollywood Tour. Admission tickets may be quite hefty compared to other studio tours, but trust that your money's worth here. Embark on a tram tour composed of 13 city blocks and Jimmy Fallon's pre-recorded voice guiding you along the way. Special effects such as an earthquake simulation and the appearance of a great white shark are also included in the tour.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood. If you're looking for a tour with a complete package, then go to Warner Bros. Hollywood. It's not just a simple walk behind-the-scenes kind of tour, you'll even get a chance to touch and see for yourself some studio props from popular shows and movies such as the couch in Friends and the batmobiles from Batman.

Paramount Ranch. Technically a studio, but there's no formal tour going around in here. Instead, guests can just simply walk and take pictures of the place-it's a historic movie ranch where Paramount filmed its Western movies during the '30s. It's completely preserved, with the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains as its backdrop.

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