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Five Things To Do To Avoid Getting Sick During Vacations

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Feb 15, 2017 04:00 AM EST

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Becoming sick is the worst thing that could happen during a vacation but unfortunately, the dangers of arousing one's allergies, severe bug bites or even food poisoning are real risks involved with every journey. While preventative measures can definitely help, travelers could only prevent the risk and not completely prevent getting sick. Here are five things that need to be done when anyone gets sick during a vacation.

According to Fox News -- citing the tips of Gutsy Traveler founder and travel expert Marybeth Bond -- avoiding germs and bringing basic medication including Paracetamol, pain relievers, Imodium for stomach relief, motion sickness medication and band-aids are just the basics. Also, it helps to bring an alcohol bottle around -- despite its size.

Travel insurance -- while slightly expensive -- is helpful if one is going on month-long to yearlong trips. The risks associated with new environments also comes with changing food preparations and overall amenity qualities of accommodations. Travel insurance is helpful as it guarantees a hospital bed and attending doctor upon arrival to a designated hospital or medical center.

According to Stuff New Zealand's Contributor Regan Schoultz, never brush one's teeth with tap water. As with food preparations and amenities with local accommodations except for luxury hotels and properties, tap water quality differs per country and city. Buying bottled water -- another expensive addition to every travel -- for brushing one's teeth can help prevent a greatly expensive local hospital treatment.

If travelers decide to get travel insurance, the free vaccination that might be included is truly helpful in all cases. Vaccines prevent the spread of destructive Hepatitis diseases and it allows one to explore some foreign food despite its preparations -- though the risks are still present as the vaccine only minimizes their risk of affecting travelers.

While menial, moisturizers and sunblocks are essential items for beach trips and not just so a beach bum can guarantee their tan in a few hours. Sunblocks are called such because they prevent the massive consumption of the sun's ultraviolet rays, which could cause cancer and short-term yet severe skin disorders including rashes.

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