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Five Life Lessons One Learns While Traveling

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Feb 15, 2017 04:03 AM EST

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Travel is a collection of experiences and memories. For each experience and memory is a moral lesson -- either obvious or subliminally hidden in a sea of joyous memoirs one recalls. These five lessons are often apparent for anyone who had gone on roads less or often travelled.

Traveling slowly is an important aspect of any journey. When one travels slow, one digests the entire journey, the sights and the feelings associated with it. Traveling by air to another country off-continent is vital -- but if the rails and boats are available, they introduce a feeling of adventure, an air of excitement or suspense. If travelers can, walking is even better.

According to Thought Catalog Contributor Daniel Baylis, stories over amazing lunch or dinner with one's group of travelers or joining a group of travelers is also an amazing experience. Baylis writes that avoiding food that seems weird or bizarre in both appearance and taste will never merit good adventure for that particular traveler -- and when trust is developed, locals and travelers have amazing stories to tell.

According to Dutch traveler Rosalinde Bon on her blog, one of the most important lessons she learned was traveling on tiny passenger planes -- smaller than budget airline regulars -- could introduce immense motion sickness. She stresses to bring motion sickness tablets especially if travelers are prone to these sicknesses even on regular airplanes.

A lonely travel is not a lonely one at all. Solitary travels that involve mountain climbs, beach bumming or physical wellness travels introduce one to their original, self-born traits as they would need to rely on themselves. Baylis has his own experience regarding "internal conversations" where he found himself hilarious and reliable.

Lastly, the best travel is when one puts away the camera. According to Baylis, traveling to share every detail of one's travel in social media, one switches out of the "being in the moment" feeling" to just feeling like a documentarist. Baylis said travelers must always "be there" in the moment of magic travel brings forward.

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