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Library Or Hotel? This Hotel In Portugal Has Over 50,000 Books

Travelers Today       By    Sheobi Anne Ramos

Updated: Feb 15, 2017 03:37 AM EST

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Are you constantly in search for good books to read? Is your definition of paradise includes sitting in a comfy spot, drinking delicious cocktails and reading the books of your dreams? Then you might probably want to check out Literary Man in Obidos, Portugal.

Literary Man is more a library than a hotel-- but that's what makes it so charming. The only hotel in the world to display 50,000 books for free perusal, well, in a bibliophile's eyes, that is heaven.

This literary hotel is located in Obidos, one-and-a-half hour away from Portugal's capital, Lisbon. This quaint city is 700 years old and only has 3000 residents, and what's more, the whole city is literally devoted to books. Obidos is named as the "City of Literature" last December 2015 by Unesco.

Literary Man has in its collection the most diverse genres of books you can find in a hotel. It doesn't matter if you're into literary classics or science fiction; Literary Man has everything for everyone. By the way, some of these books are for sale too.

If you're craving for a drink while doing your reading, the hotel's gin bar is almost too good to be true. According to mental floss, their cocktails are inspired by some of the greatest literary names, "like F. Scott Fitzgerald (a gin rickey), the Catcher in the Rye (an Old Fashioned), and the Moby Dick (a Salty Dog)."

You can also read the books in the bar itself if you want to. The whole place is adorned with a warm fireplace and cozy chairs so you could get comfy.

The hotel is not as swanky as some other hotels, but it's still gaining reputation because of its literary theme, a perfect destination for book lovers and avid readers.

There are only 30 rooms in the hotel, so make sure to get a reservation before checking in. Prices start at $90 a night, already inclusive of some amenities. Check their website out for more details.

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