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Get Paid To Travel: Five Occupations That Pay You To Travel The World

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Feb 14, 2017 06:31 AM EST

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It would seem like a dream to assume that something so good could exist in the real world but indeed, one could become an employee designated to parts unknown -- where everyday is an adventure with new experiences and amazing insights. Anyone passionate for some non-routine employment could look into these five opportunities available in the world today.

Volunteering has been the world's slogan for environmental or socio-political consciousness packaged in a fun statement, "Volunteer -- see the world!" Indeed, it still rings true today. According to World of Wanderlust, the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms or WWOOF offers qualified travelers to go in a sustainable tour to analyze and dissect social and environmental factors affecting farms and nature and suggest ways to improve these environments and local tourism industries -- a great way to earn money while seeing the world.

A simpler way to travel the world being paid is to teach English. Travelers coming from English-speaking countries or has English as second language could teach it to a foreign country. But of course, there is the challenge of learning the native language of the locale -- something that is addressed in depth here

Travel blogging is so yesterday -- but still it is indeed a viable occupation for traveling -- but being a "digital nomad" is 2017's keyword for "office-less" employment. Workers in virtual teams are free to travel in their local spaces or even abroad -- so long as there is a sufficient-enough internet connection for them to perform their tasks. It would be fun to work beside a waterfall, which is possible with this type of occupation.

If not digital, then traditional. Flight attendants or pilots -- any airplane or even cruises-related career -- are still amazing opportunities to travel and see the world. While the work pressure could be immense, one can still relax seeing the sights during day or night as airplanes lower and even enjoy the local amenities -- not to mention the sumptuous work compensation too.

According to Expert Vagabond, professional chefs are in-demand nowadays in different restaurants all over the world. Just like flight attendants and pilots, the occupation is a bit stressful -- but seeing the smiles on diner's faces and enjoying different restaurant details can make up for it.

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