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Five Advantages Of Traveling Via Train

Travelers Today       By    FG Dullin

Updated: Feb 10, 2017 04:55 AM EST

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In contemporary times, it is nearly impossible to think of traveling without the airplane. One of the first concerns of vacationers is to book a scheduled flight in advance. But prior to the arrival of the Wright brothers, freight and passenger transportation is done via the railway system.

The entire passenger railway system in the United States was nearly 200 years in the making. Today, in a span of merely three nights of a non-stop voyage, one can already reach San Francisco from Washington DC via a double-deck superliner coach. The passenger railway system is still evolving because of the following advantages of riding the train:

Panorama. One of the best advantages of riding the train is that travelers can enjoy a more extensive and dynamic view of the landscape. One can witness the transformation of the vista from a lush daytime forest to a glaring night time concrete jungle. A thousand feet above the lower atmosphere only has empty clouds on a good day (or dreadful thunderstorms of bad weather) visible through the small airtight porthole.

Eco-Friendly Factor. Traveling via train is the best option if one is a fervent environmentalist. Unlike road trips, trains do not contribute to traffic and its consequent increased carbon emissions.

Budget Advantage. Another key advantage of traveling via train is that railway passes are relatively cheaper than plane tickets.  Unlike taking a bus or driving a heavy duty car, travelers won't spend extra costs for hotels after every stop at a station.

Comfort and Safety. Unlike airplanes, train cabins are designed to be a luxurious miniature bedroom lounge. In terms of spending extensive hours on transit, nothing can compare to traveling via train in terms of relative comfort. Most importantly, trains are weatherproof.

The Journey, Not The Destination! One of the main inconveniences travelers have to live with during vacations is the hassles of the airport system. People voyaging across the landlocked distances do not have to suffer any level of aggravation on the first few hours of their leisure trip.

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