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Discover The Five-Star Hotel In Malaysia For Cats

Travelers Today       By    Sheobi Anne Ramos

Updated: Feb 10, 2017 03:41 AM EST

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The five-star Catzonia hotel with a spa in Malaysia has 35 bedrooms for pampered pets
Are you KITTEN me? The five-star cat hotel with a spa, VIP bedrooms and even a feline dating service
The five-star Catzonia hotel in Malaysia has 35 bedrooms for pampered pets.
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Are you a feline lover? Do you have a pet cat and spends hundreds of dollars on grooming and food and takes it anywhere you go? If you do, then you'd probably be delighted checking in your cat in a five-star hotel, where cats and only cats, are allowed to stay.

Catzonia is the world's first ever luxury hotel for cats. Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Catzonia is the place to be to get your pet cats luxuriously pampered and taken care off, especially when you're on a trip. Minimum stay in this hotel is for 3 hours, or if you want, you can check in your cat for a year.

The hotel has over 35 bedrooms, specially designed for our feline friends. There are over 4 room categories, with the most expensive one named VVICR, or Very Very Important Cat Room. The room is big enough to host 10 adult cats, and is equipped with three king-sized beds (cat version), a special bathroom and a mini playground.

All the rooms are air-conditioned, and the cats are fed with special meals three times a day. If you check in your cat in the VVIC or VIC rooms, you can monitor your pet via CCTV on your phone.

"We believe, the cats need holidays too. They always prefer to be treated as a boss. It means the environment must be felt like home, always being cuddled and hugged, and most importantly they don't want to feel lonely," said a statement in the Catzonia website. " Catzonia is for cat lovers that prioritize maximum comfort for their furry friends. Embracing the nature and modern concept too. Catzonia offers pet services which include grooming, boarding, mating and also exclusive merchandise."

You can also have your cat enjoy a relaxing grooming service similar to a spa, with over several options depending on what you require. If you want your cat to start looking for a mate, a dating service is also offered at Catzonia where your cat will be paired with other cats.

Do you think this cat hotel borders on extreme extravagance? Schedule a visit with your cat and see if all the money spent is worth it.

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