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Take Advantage Of Dollar’s Exchange Rate, Savor Mexico’s Tequila Town!

Travelers Today       By    Din Rose

Updated: Jan 14, 2017 05:55 AM EST

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Mexico's Tequila Makers May Halt Production
Carmen Molina pours tequila into a huge Margarita September 28, 2000 at La Hacienda in El Paso, Texas. Up to 40 percent of the firms making Mexico's tequila may halt production because of a chronic shortage of their main raw ingredient, the cactus-like agave plant. With the increase of tequila's popularity the demand has past the amount of supply.
(Photo: Joe Raedle/Newsmakers)

Taste Mexico's secret Tequila town, and be amaze at how dollar's record-breaking exchange rate can help a lot. Indeed, this famous-named place will bring any traveler to a new whole level of drinking the traditional brew while linking its colorful Mexican history to it. Find out more about the country's hidden jewel, and all the thrilling things to do there.

In the nearby cosmopolitan town of Guadalajara, only 37 miles away the picturesque agave fields border the mountains of Jalisco. Definitely, the molave's bracing smell will tickle any tourist's tequila memories.

In Travel + Leisure's report, it shares more about the things to enjoy in the magical Mexican Tequila town. For those opting to really get acquainted with it, a nice accommodation with the nearby hotels can be arranged. Supposedly, day tours and immersion trips are both available for vacationers.

With regards to staying, Villa Ganz is only one of the many which can reserve with lodging, they, in fact, serves nice Mexican dishes. Now, if a vacationer is looking for real mouthwatering cuisines, there are restaurants outside where tequilas and cold cut meats are amazing.

For more activities, there is so much to do in here. According to USA Today, the best tequila brands are highly related to Mexico's very own site, one of the most known is Jose Cuervo which is a classic. To enjoy the best of the liquor travel destination, its vintage breweries is the best place to delve deeper. In fact, there are day tours available from Guadalajara going to Jalisco, and extra cash from dollar's best rates can make a whole new adventure.

Lastly, TripAdvisor suggests some more activities for those who are already heady with drinking too much Tequila. Another thing to enjoy is its finest Mexican tourist destination like Parroquia Santiago Apostol, Cascada Los Azules, and Antiguo meson La Bola de Oro. Also strolling, shopping, eating, and partying can be part of this great adventure.


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