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Sydney Opera House Offers Star Role In Opera Productions To Willing Buyers

Travelers Today       By    John Almirante

Updated: Jan 11, 2017 06:15 AM EST

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Sydney Opera House, Opera Australia

The Sydney Opera House is attempting to reach out to a broader market. The performance landmark still provides classic operas but it is hoping to attract new audiences by offering them special experiences.

The Opera House earlier held a mass sleepover for the first time ever this summer with more planned in the future. Now Visitors will be able to pay for a walk-on role in one of the available operas scheduled for the Sydney landmark.

With the purchase of a walk-on role, members of the public can feel what it is like to be one of the stars of an opera. They can experience being treated like a diva at the Sydney Opera House. Each individual doing the walk-on role will have their hair and makeup done as soon as they hear their half-hour call. They will be dressed in a costume especially fitted for them.

They will take the stage with the chorus at the world's most famous opera building, the Sydney Opera House. They will stand in front of fifteen hundred people bathed in the sound of fifty people singing in perfect harmony, the power of their voices echoing throughout.

This is the opera from a star's perspective. People who buy a walk-on role will have this experience of a lifetime. Australia's national opera company, Opera Australia is allowing the public the opportunity to experience from the spectacular perspective of the stage, the iconic Opera House and the classic art form of opera.

There is a restriction on the schedule of performances available for the walk-on role. It must be mutually agreed on and scheduled on any date between January 15 to April 1, 2017, from January 1 to March 31, 2018, or July 1 to August 31, 2018.

Not every opera production is suitable for a walk-on role. The choice of the opera will be at the distrction of Opera Australia. Operas that allow a walk-on role include Carmen, La Bohème, and La Traviata.

The purchase price includes one participant on stage and one guest in the audience. Although the participant is on stage, the person will not actually be singing. The individual will be on stage only when the chorus is performing which is about an hour.

The person who purchased the walk-on must be at least 16 years old. The participant must be able to walk up and down stairs and on a sloped stage for them to qualify for a walk-on role in one of the operas performed at the Sydney Opera House.

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