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Looking For Stars In NY? Here The Best Places In NYC To Spot Celebrities

Travelers Today       By    Bill Kevin Hallares

Updated: Jan 11, 2017 03:46 AM EST

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New York City is the major hub for entertainment. Many celebrities roam the streets all the time and there are many ways to spot these famous celebrities. To see them, you really don't need to go to somewhere fancy or private to catch a closer view of your favorite hollywood icon. Here are some of the best places in New York City to spot celebrities.

Rockefeller Center is well known for its golden statue, the ice skating during the holiday season and Television show like "30 Rock." Not only that but the building also is home of NBC shows and other talk show guests as well so if you want to see the celebrity on that day then the best view is to stand outside the building but it will surely take you a long time but there is no doubt you will surely see a celebrity leave the center.

According to The Culture Trip, walking inside Rockefeller Center is also allowed. With this it will be easier for you to spot well known guests in the area as well as the "Saturday Night Live" cast come and go by.

Head out to the luxurious part of Brooklyn at Brooklyn Heights and stroll around the area until you spot a celebrity. There are a lot of celebrities that own a property in the area and one of the main reasons why celebs buy a property in this part of New York is because of the best views of lower Manhattan. With that being said, its not hard to cross paths with famous people in grocery stores or even a walk in a park or neighborhood.

For celebrities, there is no special treatment for them to travel in and out of every state meaning they enter and exit the same way as everyone else does. Airports in New York City have the most celebrities spotted sometimes you could bump into the same airline as theirs. Paparazzi's often and mostly are in airports so if you see them flock a certain area then for sure it means a celebrity popped up in the scene.

The Spotted Pig in NYC. According to According to Hopper, this eatery in West Village may not look like the best place for big celebrities to dine or chill in New York City. Spotted Pig offers the best food in town as it gives a stylish look yet simple one with a city vibe around the place. Celebrities can often be seen sipping a drink or eating a nice burger late at night.

Abc Kitchen in NYC. Every week more and more celebrities visit and dine in this restaurant. Recently celebrities like Katy Perry and Kanye West have been spotted dining in the restaurant. The chic decoration and Jean Georges inspired menu makes it easy to say that its one of the most delicious dining place in town. For more about the latest news and current events around New York City, feel free to visit Travelers Today.

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