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The Best Destinations For Tech-Free Vacations

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Jan 11, 2017 03:34 AM EST

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Travelers head to different global destinations to do one thing: escape the routine. Technology has been helpful in helping travelers find the best deals on flights, accommodations and even tours in their vacation spot. However, it also locks travelers in a work-oriented metaphorical vice grip with emails and social media updates. Go tech-free with the world's best destination spots without WiFi or the Internet.

Adirondack Mountains, New York. Travelers who need to escape the digital era's unrelenting grasp need only to look nearby. With mobile reception gone due to the absence of local cell towers and WiFi hubs, Adirondack Mountains is just a highway ride away from the capital of America.

Go On A Sailboat Ride in Michigan or California. The nearer the location, the more affordable. Sailboat rides in Michigan or South California permits days of escape from society. There is no mobile reception in the ocean and limited outlets exist to save energy onboard the ship. Travelers have all the ocean and the sailboat all to themselves.

Amish Country in Pennsylvania and Ohio. The Huffington Posst reported that, Amish countries do not have WiFi except for some guest houses in Pennsylvania or Ohio. But most of the time, they lack basic Internet access, phone signals or even television. Travelers needing a digital retreat only need to fly domestic and touchdown in Pennsylvania or Ohio.

Natural Cabana Hotel, Dominican Republic. According to Oyster, Natural Cabana hotel offers fruits and vegetables for food, a private beach that only guests could enjoy and an amazing spa. Also, no Internet or mobile reception, but travelers can enjoy a yoga and Pilates class.

Jakes Hotel, Jamaica. In the South Coast of the Caribbean islands is Jakes Hotel, a boutique hotel featuring mosaic pathways and traditional South American architecture. Amazing food, an outdoor dining area, great saltwater pools and yoga classes offset the lack of Internet and television, which travelers who want a digital retreat would not really need.

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