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Celebrity Homes You Can Rent Out On AirBnB

Travelers Today       By    Sheobi Anne Ramos

Updated: Jan 10, 2017 03:41 AM EST

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Airbnb's convenience and more affordable choice in accommodations are some of the reasons why it's becoming increasingly popular. More and more travelers are opting to stay in Airbnb's rather than staying at expensive hotels, with several hundred homes listed all over the world.

But did you know that you can also rent out a celebrity home in Airbnb? Although somewhat pricey because of being the A-listers' pads, several celebrity homes are listed for you to stay in if you're lucky enough (and have the cash) to grab the opportunity. Here are some famous places you should check out:

Charlie Chaplin's LA residence. The famous comic actor supposedly lived in this LA house during the 1920s. It's a quaint, not-so-big house that is nowadays part of an apartment complex, but Airbnb users can rent the place for $120 a night. Rudolph Valentino was also rumored to live here for a while.

Kevin Jonas's pad. One of the members of the famous Jonas brothers, Kevin Jonas listed his home in Denville on Airbnb for $18,200 a night. His reason? He said it's the perfect weekend place to stay in to watch and enjoy the Superbowl. Rumors have it that Nick Jonas actually pranced naked in this place, so if you're into that then come and stay in for a night.

Ava Gardner's love nest. This famous American actress from the 1950s owned this quiet, one-bedroom house in Burbank, California with her second husband, jazz legend Artie Shaw that Airbnb users can now rent out for $85 a night. It's quite cheap compared to other Airbnb celebrity homes, but it's the perfect spot to relax with your loved one. Built in 1938, it has a massive library and has a detached studio for musicians, so all in all, it's a good deal.

Denzel Washington's Malibu home. Live like the famous American action star, Denzel Washington, for a day and rent out this place for $330 a night. Aside from an A-lister used to sleep here, it's also quite a beautiful place set on a 300 ft hilltop overlooking Malibu beach. Other house amenities include 8 bedrooms, a Jacuzzi, and a detached gym.

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