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Traveling Wired: The Best Coffee Destinations Around The World

Travelers Today       By    Bill Kevin Hallares

Updated: Jan 10, 2017 10:23 AM EST

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Coffee Around The World
Coffee drinks you’ll love a latte.
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Coffeholic, coffee addict, whatever it is you wanna name it, loving it or just want to have the energy that it gives then this is something you would like to read.

Arabs were actually the first once to cultivate coffee and a Frenchman was behind the 1843 debut of the world's first commercial espresso machine. Now it has taken it to another level as time goes on, coffee became better and better with different blends from different cultures that everyone might one to try out. There are many ways involved on how to make the perfect cup of coffee yet it depends really on the persons personal taste. Here are a chosen few of the best coffee destinations all over the planet.

Melbourne, Australia. Australia is actually the coffee capital of the world as most of the city is filled with local cafes. This city has a coffee culture that runs deep in Australian history, no doubt it serves the best coffee. According to According to Oyster, Latte art is taken seriously as it is an art in Melbourne, and the coffee is actually deeply rooted in Melbourne's history.

Italian immigrants brought their cultural heritage, including the famous espresso drinks long before. Locals often choose for menu options such as flat whites, long blacks, and classic cappuccinos that everyone loves.

Rome, Italy surely deserves a spot on any coffee list all day long. If you're in Rome and looking to drink coffee like the locals, you must remember to only drink your frothy espresso drinks in the morning, and never after a meal or they might look at you in a weird way especially if your in a coffee shop. Drinking coffee in rome is like drinking water as it is just a part of their culture.

Italians drink plain espresso in the afternoon and evenings because they believe that milk disrupts digestion and should not be drunk on a full stomach after eating. So when in rome be simple, just do what the locals do especially in coffee shops.

Vienna, Austria coffee houses are stunning and elegant as its often referred to as the country's public living rooms. When stopping by to visit and taste the local coffee in one of these fabulous establishments, one cannot just order a cup of coffee but rather must examine through the lengthy options of crafted java drinks.

Want to order a cappuccino in Vienna? Ask for a "Melange," its a combination or a blend of foamy milk and steamed coffee which is the traditional Viennese way. Coffee shops in Vienna don't only serve coffee but they also serve a variety of cakes to pastries making them a real living room for everyone to chill, relax, take and let time run by its own.

According to CNN, the worldwide flat white was purportedly invented in Sydney but the drink was perfected in Wellington, New Zealand where it's become the nation's unofficial national beverage. Most people in the city take the Flat White which is just a religion in the area the other thing about Wellington or New Zealand in general is there is around zero chance of finding an aweful coffee blend.

Seattle, Washington. Remember Starbucks? yes Starbucks, this is the place of origin of the famous coffee shop in the world. But Starbucks isn't Seattle's only claim to coffee fame since it started the coffee revolution in America and whole world at once. The Emerald City now has the highest concentration of coffee houses in the country and it is very understandable that people of Seattle are always eager to try and taste the best coffee productions and blends around. For more about the latest news and current events all over the world, stay tuned to Travelers Today.

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