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Most Haunted Houses With Real Deathly Stories,Travelers With Faint Heart Must Stay Away

Travelers Today       By    Jacq Evans

Updated: Jan 03, 2017 12:55 AM EST

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Sturdivant Hall , selma , Alabama , Newton House , wales , The Whaley House , san diego , California , Skirrid Inn , wales

Our love for adventure and travel has always taken us to various places and unforgettable memories. Most of us have inclinations to the occult, the bizarre, and the terrifying. Here is a rundown of the most haunted houses travelers must know the real stories before visiting.

Sturdivant Hall, Selma, Alabama

Greek Revival style built in 1856, bought in 1864 by John McGee Parkman. After the Civil War, Parkman was imprisoned and tried to escape but was shot and killed. Places reported that few years after his death, his wife was forced to sell their house. After that, his ghost began to regularly appear throughout the house and grounds, where it is still seen up to this day. Reports of windows and doors being opened and shut even when no one else is in the house, as well as doors that close behind people and lock on their own, were accounted.

Newton House, Wales

Is a late Victorian, early Edwardian estate infested with active spirits. Here ghost hunters reportedly captured a wheelchair moving on its own not in a straight line but round a corner. In addition, an old radio from the 1930s, which was not plugged in, started to have static coming from it which was quite bizarre. Karl, another spirit hunter got scratches across his torso while doing a Ouija board in the place.

The Whaley House, San Diego, California

A mid-19th-century house, which was once a private residence transformed into a museum dedicated to its former owners and the history they, created. The house was haunted as soon as it was built, as the spirit of the man convicted and hanged on the site took up residence in the house upon its completion. Aside from these unidentified ghosts, the original owner, Thomas Whaley, his wife, one of their children, a little girl repeatedly seen within the house. Doors locking on their own, footsteps, and a baby crying are often heard in the house.

Skirrid Inn, Wales

Skirrid Inn is apparently the oldest pub in Wales. The infamous Judge Jeffries passed sentence here on criminals and guilty were hanged to a beam downstairs. It is a small place with very active with paranormal incidences. Voices and crying, footsteps and knocking noises, and apparitions have experienced here, says, Mirror.

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