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Surface Pro 5 VS MacBook Pro 2016: Microsoft Finally Owning The Laptop Competition?

Travelers Today       By    Carlo de Lacy

Updated: Dec 28, 2016 12:56 PM EST

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Apple used to be in a very big advantage over laptop manufacturers merely due to its brand and processing power, but with laptops like Microsoft's Surface Pro 5, things are looking a little different. This is also the case with those looking for both the premium feel and the justified price and performance.

A recent report from CNet is indicating that Microsoft's Surface Pro series is starting to closely compete with Apple's MacBook Pro line of laptops, if not becoming better. While the laptop isn't released yet and is expected to be coming around 2017, its specs already speaks of a clear message that it would blow the current MacBook Pro 2016 out of the water.

In paper, the Surface Pro 5 will be much more powerful with the MacBook Pro and its thanks to its Kaby Lake Intel processor. Something that Apple have bypassed with its recent iteration of its MacBook Pro entry.

Based from an earlier report from Yahoo News, a lot of consumers have been recently switching over to the Surface computers and a huge percentage of this turnover comes from former MacBook Pro and MacBook owners. This is due to the company's clever MacBook trade-in program plus the a number of solutions for "disappointing" features of the latest MacBook Pro.

It will catch consumers by surprise that the latest MacBook Pro is without an SD card slot and a number of hardware peripherals that most users quickly look for with a present day laptop. Users of MacBook Pro are forced to use dongles instead in order to make certain features work for them.

In terms of price, the current Surface Pro 4 may have the advantage over the current MacBook Pro with its price just amounting to $1,460 at Amazon. This is the 512 GB SSD, 16 GB RAM and i7 variant. With the current MacBook Pro with technically the same specs at Amazon, the price starts around $2,799.

It isn't a direct comparison between the Surface Pro 5 and the current MacBook Pro, but the prices are indicative that consumers will get more value if they favor the Windows 10 environment plus its increasingly large library of applications and games and this is where it usually boils down to most of the time.

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