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Cheap Backpacking Asian Travel ideas 101 [Cities & Cost Included]

Travelers Today       By    Din Rose

Updated: Dec 28, 2016 08:27 AM EST

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If you're into cheap travels with a bag and public transport only, backpacking is just perfect, especially in Asian countries. It's a different feel of touring a place; it's more of cultural and social immersion where a traveler has longer duration of trips experiencing everything personally. In here is the list of the best "Cheap Backpacking Asian Travel ideas 101," more so here will be the compilation of the nicest countries to do backpacking.

To begin, the best "Cheap Backpacking Asian Travel ideas" to start backpacking are countries within the traveler's easy reach. Initially, there's Pokhara, Nepal which is currently the most affordable site to visit, it's not the main city though it's also an emerging tourist hub now. The total cost for this travel without any activities will be $18 a day. Hanoi, Vietnam is up next! The world's cheapest beer, Bia Joi, can be found here. And, the small city is good for eating bonanza; it's really nice to visit this location for just $19 a day.

Furthermore, Manila is also a great place to do backpacking. Indeed, it's the Philippines main city so it's rich with iconic locations. Also, the nearby cities around it are likewise filled with exciting beaches and site to see which cost $23 a day.

In essence, Student Universe adds other "Cheap Backpacking Asian Travel ideas"; they are India and Thailand. What to see in them? If a traveler is into temples and wilderness, India will be the excellent choice. Mumbai City can be visited with just $28 a day, the tourist spots can be seen in a day only so it's cheaper to stay for 1 or 2 nights only.

Lastly, Thailand is also great for backpacking because it has cheap hostels and food. Bangkok City is filled with world-class cuisine, Buddhist Temples, and architectural masterpiece, its selling point is history and exotic islands. In just $24 a day anyone can enjoy the impressive sites.

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