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Travel Tips: Avoid Zika Zones With The CDC Map

Travelers Today       By    Naj Gulanes

Updated: Dec 02, 2016 04:14 AM EST

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If you are planning a trip and you are pregnant or may want to get pregnant within the next six months, then it is highly recommended to steer clear of Zika prone areas. Good thing that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a map that warns travelers of "Zika Zones."

Though Zika Virus is no longer a global threat, travelers are to remain cautious when making travel plans. According to the CDC, there is no known vaccine to protect yourself against Zika virus. However, there are ways to prevent it.

For starters, CDC released a Zika Zones map that will inform travelers of areas with reported Zika cases. Pregnant women or those who are planning to get pregnant are recommended to avoid these areas. According to CDC, Zika can be sexually transmitted. Men who traveled to Zika-affected areas are advised to wait six months before engaging in unprotected sex with their partner.

Zika virus might remain a threat to some areas, but this will certainly not get in the way of most women's travel plans. In a report by, Dr. Julie Levitt said pregnant or soon-to-be pregnant travelers would do well to travel to California, Europe, and Hawaii for vacation. But if they are planning to travel to Zika-affected areas, then it is best to protect yourself against mosquito bites by using bug sprays and wearing long sleeved shirts and pants.

2016 has been bombarded with travel warnings and continuous updates regarding the Zika virus. However, travel experts said that it is still a great year for travel. US Travel Associations showed the travel rate is expected to grow in the succeeding months.

So, instead of scrapping your travel plans, why not modify them a bit. Use the CDC's Zika Zone map as a guide for a safer and worry-free travel. And, it also helps to protect yourself against Zika virus by following their tips for traveling.

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