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Samsung News Update: Korean Smartphone Company Probes Explosion; The Galaxy Note 7 Blasts Will Now Be Explained!

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Updated: Dec 01, 2016 03:48 AM EST

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 failure and explosion are known all throughout the world. However, the true cause of these malfunctions is still obscure. Samsung initially expressed that the Galaxy Note 7 blasts were brought about because of a broken battery. Nonetheless, units supplanted with a new set of batteries were still confronted with the similar issue.

Then, Samsung began a new examination to discover the correct issue, and generally uncover it to people. The organization even posted full page advertisements apologizing for the issues brought to the Note 7 clients and guaranteed its consumers in finding the main cause of the issues and re-address it. As mentioned, the outcome of the initial examination was due to the faulty batteries of the Galaxy Note 7, so Samsung needed to review more than four million Note 7 handsets to avoid further incidents of Note 7 blowing up.

Another examination was recently conducted by Samsung and they assembled safety specialists from both U.S. and Korea to discover the cause, according to Korea Herald. The site added that the final result of their inquest will be released before the year ends. Whatever outcome will transpire from Samsung's probing, it can help the organization re-utilize a portion of the protected parts from the reviewed Galaxy Note 7.

Ordinarily, when a company recalls an item at this scale, it's their obligation to uncover the cause to the general public. Additionally, Samsung needs to ensure that there will be no future wellbeing worries with its gadgets. Making the cause open will help the organization regain a portion of the lost trust from its clients and financial specialists, as indicated by Android Pit. It is a vital move and something that should be done very soon.

Samsung's up and coming flagship, the Galaxy S8, ought not to be influenced by the security issues that the Note 7 confronted. Once the cause is open, it will be guaranteed that the most current gadgets from the company will be safer to utilize. The sooner the general population and the company knows the reason for the Galaxy Note 7 blasts, the better.

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