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Trailing Fidel Castro Death: Top 5 Places To Visit In Cuba

Travelers Today       By    Naj Gulanes

Updated: Nov 29, 2016 03:38 AM EST

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Upon the death of Fidel Castro this weekend, travelers can trail back the path of the revolutionary leader of Cuba. Here are five places to visit in Cuba to commemorate the life and times of the former leader of this unique communist outpost.

Visit Fidel Castro's birthplace, Finca Birán. According to History, Fidel Castro was born in the small town of Birán. His father was a wealthy Spanish sugar cane plantation owner, Finca Las Manacas plantation.  The city now houses Sitio Histórico de Birán, where visitors can visit the area that contains an old school, bar, post office, and a cock-fighting arena. Tourists can also see a bed used by Fidel when he was a child. The graves of his parents can be seen at the entrance of the farm. 

Head over to the Moncada Barracks at Santiago de Cuba. This is where Fidel Castro and 140 rebels attempted to overthrow the former Cuban President, Fulgencio Batista. Now, guests can visit Granjita Siboney and Moncada barracks are now museums that houses items of the 1953's revolutionary struggle. Every July 26, the iconic attack is recreated using a motorcade of cars and gunshots. 

Escape into the Presidio Modelo on the Isle of Youth. This is where Fidel Castro and his brother Raul were imprisoned for trying to overthrow the previous government. It is now a neglected vast island but it is still worth the visit. This is also where Fidel wrote the manifesto using lemon juice as ink in which is supported will iron out to read his messages.

Relive the history on the Granma Yacht at the Museum of the Revolution.  The Castro brothers along with Che Guevara, an Argentinian doctor, purchased a cabin cruiser called The Granma. This is the vessel they used to return to Cuba. It can be seen behind a glass at the Museum of the Revolution in Havana. The Museum was a former Tiffany-decorated Presidential Palace that also houses a number of military artifacts. 

Spend a day at Havana. This is where Fidel Castro marched into and set up his headquarters, which was previously Havana Hilton.  Now, it is known as  Habana Libre Hotel and where visitors can book an appointment to visit the exact room the Fidel used in the hotel. The capital's Plaza de la Revolución at Havana is now being used for a homage to Fidel Castro this week.

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