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What Is ‘Balconing’?: British Tourists Warned Against New Craze

Travelers Today       By    Naj Gulanes

Updated: Nov 29, 2016 03:49 AM EST

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British tourists traveling to Spain are warned by the government to use their hotel balconies with caution. It has been noted that some activities involving balconies resulted to serious injuries--the craze, called "Balconing," has been alarming authorities of late.

What is "balconing"? The term means jumping from a balcony towards a swimming pool or between balconies. It is becoming quite popular among young travelers in Spain. There has been a number of severe accidents due to the falling from the ledges.

Travelers have been warned that many of the incidents have involved British travelers who are either drunk or on drugs. It resulted in grave injuries and some even lost their lives. According to Dailymail UK, doctors in Spain issued a warning to British travelers from jumping and climbing from balconies or the ledge while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The warning came in after discovering the six out of 10 tourists in Spain who are treated because of 'balconing' are from Britain. Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) noted that travel insurance may not cover for injuries or incidents as a result of alcohol or drug consumption.

Last 2012, three British tourists died in Magaluf after falling off the balcony. Just this earlier year, three people were seriously injured as well. "This figure represents just a fraction of the total number of incidents," said Abta, a travel trade organization.

According to Mirror, some local councils people who are caught doing 'balconing' or behaving irresponsibly while on balconies will be fined. Calvia Council that covers Magaluf region in Majorca imposed a fine between £636 to £1,272 for anyone practicing 'balconing' or anyone involved in coercing people to jump off balconies or ledges. This is in the effort to lessen incidents due to 'balconing'.

In early November, Danielle Hall, a British national, died after falling from a balcony on the ninth floor of the Bermudas Apartment Hotel in Benidorm, Spain.

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