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Chicago O'Hare Airport Workers To Join 20,000 Employee Protest On November 29

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Updated: Nov 28, 2016 10:08 PM EST

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Another group of hourly workers has joined in what is being referred to as a nationwide day of protests. Workers at the O'Hare International Airport in Chicago have confirmed that they too will be accompanying the protests, set to involve at least 20, 000 low-wage employees, on November 29, 2016.

The worker protest, known as the Fight for $15, is an organized protest that is set to include at least eighteen major US cities, including Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Boston and Seattle. This disruptive movement hopes to raise the hourly wage to $15, as well as improve union workers' rights.

Around five hundred of the Chicago airport workers have expressed their intention to join in the walk off movement that is to begin on the evening of November 28. According to the Wall Street Journal, workers such as janitors, cabin cleaners, wheelchair attendants and baggage handlers are among those that are set to take part in the protest.

A majority of airport workers are not unionized, but are employed by private contractors. Due to the unfair labor practices, the "National Day of Disruption" was organized by the Service Employees' International Union Local 1 (SEIU Local 1) in an effort to bring just wages to its underpaid workers.

Other than O'Hare, workers from at least twenty airports in the United States, including Los Angeles International and Newark-Liberty International, are meant to join in the Tuesday protests. However, various Department of Aviation representatives have stated that no service disruptions are to be expected during the course of the strike.

Being the last day of the Thanksgiving holiday travel surge, more than three million passengers are expected to have flights throughout the country on the protest day. Despite reassuring statements from the Department of Aviation, passengers across the US are still expressing concerns regarding the potential implications the protests will have on their travel plans.

Various other hourly wage workers will be joining the November 29 protest. McDonald's restaurant employees, other fast-food workers, graduate assistants, Uber drivers and various other low-wage workers will be joining the protest. As stated by The Chicago Tribune, organizers are expecting tens of thousands of employees to participate in the movement.

The November 29 protest will mark the fourth anniversary since the first McDonald's workers' strike in New York. The struggle hopes to convey a message of resilience to the current administration, stating that protests will continue to exist until their goals are met.

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