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Top Five Countries Serving The Fastest Internet In The World

Travelers Today       By    Jeon Camille

Updated: Nov 29, 2016 12:13 AM EST

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The internet has become very popular these days. I has been a powerful tool that shaped the spcial environment especially in business. Around three billion people use the internet and about 40 percent of the total world population have an access to the internet. Some of these internet connections are fast and some aren't.

The internet contributes a lot through communication, faster transaction and improved quality controls. Despite the wide usage of internet, there are some countries known to have the fastest connection in the world. Here are five countries reported by Business Insider and Techworm to have the fastest internet connection in the world.

1. South Korea- With an average internet speed of 29mbps, South Korea is known to have the fastest internet among other countries. The country is 4.6 times faster than the average global internet speed. Despite the fast connection, users have limits in their internet usage.

2. Norway- Next to Korea, Norway have the second fastest internet connection in the world of about 21.3 mbps. The country's connection has indeed developed and increased about 6.8 percent since last year.

3. Sweden- Sweden has the third fastest internet connection in the world with an increase of 32 percent from its internet speed last year. Having 20.6mpbs, surfing the net wont be a problem.

4. Hong Kong- Once known to have the fastest internet speed ever for reaching 60mpbs, Hong Kong now comes down to number four. With an average speed of 19.9mbps, it's still fast enough compared to other country's internet speed.

5. Switzerland- Switzerland has an average internet speed of 18.7 mbps thus rated as the fifth country having the most fastest internet connection. Its speed has increased over 25 percent from the country's internet speed last year.

Out of all the countries, these five countries have the fastest internet speed every surfer could wish for. When you travel to any of these countries, make sure to test out their internet speed and download, post and surf all you want.

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