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Kendall Jenner And Jordan Clarkson: Victoria Secret Angel And LA Lakers Star Touchy-Feely At A Party; What Happens To Harry Styles?

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Updated: Nov 28, 2016 10:49 AM EST

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Kendall Jenner Gets Cozy With LA Laker Jordan Clarkson At Drake’s AMA After-Party
Kendall Jenner enjoyed a lot more than music following the AMAs over the weekend, so could this be the beginning of a new flame?
Kendall clearly got the best of both worlds, when last night’s ‘AMA’ celebration turned into a whole lotta ‘PDA.’
(Photo: Clevver News/YouTubescreenshot/

L.A. Star Jordan Clarkson can't keep his hands to himself while partying with the Supermodel Kendall Jenner. However, it was reported weeks ago that Kendall was seen turning it up with Harry Styles. Later, reported that the two are dating again. So, who is Kendall really going out with?

Hitting the dance floor with her friends Justine Skye and Karlie Kloss, Kendall Jenner, 21, was spotted in her black pants and sleeveless white tee at Drake's American Music Awards after-party. Mirror reports, that when the 24-year-old basketball hunk entered the room, Kendall's face just "lit up". They even exchanged several kisses on the cheeks and Jordan Clarkson's hands were caught trying to explore Kendall's inner thighs. Kendall Jenner has no reaction, as Clarkson's hands were a little bit "adventurous" on her.

An E! News eyewitness reported that they looked like they're really into each other and that there is no point in hiding it. Kendall seemed very happy as she never stopped giggling and laughing the whole time while spending the rest of the evening with Jordan Clarkson and some friends.

It is no secret that Kendall once dated Harry Styles. However, things became rocky and the two tried to bring back the spark as they were seen having a dinner just a few months ago, and Styles was recently at her birthday. A source shared that "They're rekindling their old romance and Kendall's so excited and happy about it," as reported in People. There's still no new updates with how the "rekindling" date went after with the two stars.

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