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'Gran Turismo' Sport: PS4 Pro's Racing Game Gets Better, Wilder and More Realistic Gameplay

Travelers Today       By    Eliel Daang

Updated: Nov 29, 2016 06:37 PM EST

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The upcoming racing video game "Gran Turismo" Sport is the 13th installment of the "Gran Turismo" Franchise that is scheduled or release in 2017. This is the first game of the series to be known as the new generation of the "Gran Turismo" franchise.

Game Modes - "Gran Turismo" Sport will feature three game modes: Arcade, Campaign and Sports mode. Races can be played both online or offline. In arcade mode, players are able to race against an AI or your friends. In the campaign mode, "Gran Turismo” Sport players can easily progress throughout the game. Tutorials and circuit experience mode are featured to enable players to master every circuit with 137 offline challenges. Players in the online Sports mode will start as beginners and has to compete in two FIA-certified online championship series. Nation’s Cup, the first series, is where players represent their home country. The second series, the Manufacturer’s cup, is where players choose their desirable auto manufacturer to represent them.

Graphics - According to redbull, "Gran Turismo" Sport will take advantage of the PS4 Pro's HDR capability, which gamers would see a dramatically improved display. Furthermore, the innovative checkboarding technique of the PS4 Pro will be used by "Gran Turismo" Sport to enhance its resolution up to 4K.

Cars and location - There will be a total of 137 cars in “Gran Turismo” Sport but will be split into four classes at the start of GR.4 and rising in performance to Gr.1. In addition, virtual concept cars will be added to its rosters. For the tracks, initially, there will be 27 tracks coming from 19 locations in “Gran Turismo” Sport, which will contain Kent’s legendary Brands Hatch, a new Tokyo speedway track, Nordscheife and two dirt tracks, according to alphr.

Release date - “Gran Turismo” Sport is scheduled for release this year; however, due to reasons unknown, the game is delayed and will now be releases in 2017, although the release date is still unknown. Because of the game’s delay, all pre-orders will be cancelled and customer may receive a confirmation email for cancellation.

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