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iPhone News And Update: Siri Helps Anyone Bypass Lock Screen? How Could This Be Possible?

Travelers Today       By    JDyan Ordonez

Updated: Nov 30, 2016 06:34 PM EST

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A system glitch has been recently reported about security flaw which allows anyone to bypass iPhone's lock screen. This mainly affects iOS 8.0 and up and let other people evade an iPhone users' password lock screen to get personal data which includes users' contact information, message logs and even camera roll photos.

According to Tech Spot, the news spread fast after the step-by-step method has been shown in the YouTube video by iDeviceHelp. Based on the video, it conveyed that to enable to bypass someone else's iPhone, it will only require two things: first, physical access to the target device; and second, if Siri has been enabled on the lock screen.

The first thing to do is to call the target iPhone. Basically, if the "bypasser'' doesn't know the number, he can just simply ask Siri "Who am I" and she will spill personal information about the actual iPhone user including its contact number. Given the contact number, he can now call the target phone using the other phone, which works better using FaceTime. As the phone is ringing, press message and then custom. You'll be diverted to a screen where you can be able to answer to the call with a custom text reply, as further explained by Tech Spot.

In addition to this, Siri needs to be voice-over enabled to move forward. After which, few tries are required for the next step in simultaneously double-tapping the contact info bar and holding the second tap on the bar while immediately tapping on the keyboard. You will distinguish if it finally worked as soon as the three icons slide into view from the side next to the message text field. You can turn off voice over at this point.

The "to" field on the SMS will now be enabled which will also let you search through the phone contacts. It will not only show the contact number, but also the details about that person especially when the actual user has saved other personal information therein. As you can enter a new contact, you can also add a photo for that new contact by means of gaining access to the phone's camera roll while the phone is still locked, as also reported by It is best to disable Siri on the lock screen to obviate bypassing of your iPhone by anyone else, especially until Apple can be able to provide an update that can fix this system glitch accordingly.

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