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“Price Is Right”: Three Lucky Contestants Make History

Travelers Today       By    Elyssa Deluyas

Updated: Oct 18, 2016 08:38 PM EDT

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Price Is Right, Drew Carey, Showcase Showdown, CBS, Big Wheel
Price is Right First Ever 3-way Tie!?!
All three contestants on the Price Is Right spin the wheel and hit for a dollar!!!
(Photo: Photo: John Mayberry/YouTubeScreenShot/

"This just may happen."

These are the prophetic words said by "The Price Is Right" host Drew Carey, specifically on Monday's show as the third contestant in the famous game show's Showcase Showdown spun the big wheel.

One by one, the players stepped up to the popular Big Wheel for a chance at the $1,000 prize, and one after the other, they won. According to CBS, even host Drew Carey cannot recall another time where three people have consecutively landed on the coveted $1 in the history of The Price Is Right.

It's indeed a rare Showcase Showdown trifecta, as Fox News would say it.

Also, even the viewers around the country exploded into cheers when the three lucky contestants make actual history and celebrate accordingly.

As the game show is celebrating its 45th year on the air, this impressive feat has rarely been achieved. Even Carey appeared kind of shocked by the whole thing, which is also amazing considering he has presumably seen everything at this point in his career as the program's host.

While the joyful outcome has been revealed to the public, it is still unknown how many spins it took to reach the unlikely result.

Meanwhile, the three contestants went back again to the Big Wheel after their mini celebration. They were up to see who would go on for a chance to win a cruise and a car during the final Showcase. Which competitor broke the tie - Cathryn, Manfred or Jessica?

It's none other than Manfred, who was captured jumping up and down after winning. Moreover, he won both a car and a cruise during the said final Showcase.

That day was indeed a successful one for both the program and the contestants.

So to Cathryn, Manfred and Jessica, we simply say: well spun and congratulations!

Watch out for The Price Is Right weekdays on CBS and CBS All Access.

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