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Samsung’s Loss Is Apple’s Gain: Millions Are Switching From Galaxy Note 7 To iPhone 7

Travelers Today       By    Marjorie Callanga

Updated: Oct 19, 2016 05:11 AM EDT

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After Samsung has finally stopped the production of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 when the recall did not go well when replacements were proven to be defective, people have been switching to iPhone, according to BGR.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo have stated that he expects that between five million to seven million customers who have purchased or would have purchased a Galaxy Note 7 are more likely to end up buying an iPhone 7 after the Note 7 scandal.

KGI believes that there is still a huge possibility that Samsung fans will give up not just the device itself, but also the brand and will more likely to consider switching to Apple since the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are not exactly a downgrade.

Despite the issue regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices exploding, some users still have decided to hold on to their phones, still thinking that the issue is isolated. This is even after Samsung announced a recall until they decided to stop its productions when replacement phones started to explode as well.

This has caused the strict guidelines in battery testing facilities in the United States, where it was found out that Samsung has been testing its own batteries in an in-house battery-testing facility while Apple has been using third party CTIA-certified labs to test their phone's batteries.

There were also incidents where Galaxy Note 7 devices exploded in an aircraft, which resulted to Note 7 devices being banned to certain airlines, and bringing a Note 7 on board an aircraft being a federal crime. People who will be caught bringing a Note 7 on board an airplane may be charged $179,933 as subject to civil penalties.

The issue was believed to open advantages for Apple over Samsung.

Apple is said to release its first earnings since the launch of the iPhone 7 on October 25th.

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