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Bringing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in an Airplane: A Federal Crime

Travelers Today       By    Marjorie Callanga

Updated: Oct 18, 2016 06:33 PM EDT

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Consumer Product Safety Commission Announces Recall Of Samsung's New Galaxy Note 7
OREM, UT - SEPTEMBER 15: A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is held up in a plastic bag that was returned to a Best Buy on September 15, 2016 in Orem, Utah. The Consumer Safety Commission announced today a safety recall on Samsung's new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after users reported that some of the devices caught fire when charging. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)
(Photo: George Frey)

The U.S. Department of Transportation has put a ban on all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from airplanes last week and now, as per a new Emergency Restriction or Prohibition Order, flying with a Galaxy Note 7 on board is now considered a federal crime.

This has been the effect of the two cases of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding in an airplane. On October 14, the Federal Aviation Administration has put an order that all flight passengers will be prohibited from bringing their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on board, according to Tech Times.

Under the Emergency Restriction/Prohibition Order No. FAA-2016-9288, all flight passengers are not restrickted from carrying the Note 7 "on their person, in carry-on baggage, in checked baggage, or as cargo."

In Tabloid has reported that passengers who will be caught bringing the device on board an airplane will be charged $179,933 as subject to civil penalties. In line with this, any person who fails to abide by the rules may be subject to a criminal prosecution. This may result to fines under title 18, imprisonment for up to ten years or both (49 U.S.C. 5124).

News has also stated that Air carriers are asked to deboard a person who will be caught carrying a Galaxy Note 7 immediately.

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx has stated that they recognize the inconvenience this order will be to some passengers, but all they are thinking about is the safety of everyone aboard an aircraft.

All passengers are encouraged not to bring their Galaxy Note 7 to the airport for they will be prohibited from boarding an airplane and will be subject to criminal prosecution and fines if they will be caught hiding the device in their luggage.

Samsung gas officially stopped the production of the Galaxy Note 7 after the recall they announced when the replacement phones provided to consumers were also proven to be defective. This has resulted to an estimate of $17 billion loss for the company.

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