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China’s “Rock Painting Of Love” Causes Social Media Stir

Travelers Today       By    Elyssa Deluyas

Updated: Oct 18, 2016 08:05 PM EDT

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Smitten rock climber paints rock face with portrait of her crush
Plenty of young people have daubed messages of love on walls, but one Chinese woman took lustful graffiti up a level by painting a seven-meter-tall portrait of her crush on the side of a cliff in east China's Zhejiang Province. The graffitist has become an Internet celebrity, but officials at Xianju National Park have not bought into the romanticism – they are trying to find a way to clean the rock face and return it to its original state.
(Photo: Photo: CCTV News/YouTubeScreenShot/

People have different and distinct ways to express love. Some show it with flowers or chocolates. Others express their feelings using poetic words on cards and letters.

However, one Chinese woman gained the attention of social media by painting a huge portrait of her crush on the side of a cliff. This unusual type of expression of admiration has started a passionate online debate.

The female rock climber informed the local media that she doesn't want her real identity to be revealed. That is why she has been given the pseudonym "Lingling", which is a generic name for a woman. According to BBC, the woman, who is in her thirties, told Chinese radio station FM39 that her mural, which was painted on a rock at Xianju National Park, in Zhejiang province in eastern China, was made during several weekends over a two month period.

She narrated that she would start painting at 3 am in the morning, and go on for several hours.

Lingling named the subject of the image, and the object of her affection as "33Liuyun."

The estimated seven meters tall portrait rose to fame after it was spotted by another rock climber who shared a photo on social media. Afterwards, the image immediately became viral. There are netizens on Weibo who called it 'rock painting of love', stating that it should be allowed to remain. Others said that Lingling should be prosecuted because she vandalized the natural scenery.

The exact location of the painting is 200 meters above ground on Fanzheng Rock.

Meanwhile, Yahoo! shares that Lingling told FM39 that it may be a case of unrequited love.

"I have strong feeling for him but he hasn't responded my affection," she told the radio station, "I asked him to take me to climb Fanzheng Rock but every weekend he was always busy either with mountain rescue or training."

"I want to keep my love on the top of rock for ever and worship him up there," she added.

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