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Try These Best Hidden Features Of Snapchat

Travelers Today       By    Elyssa Deluyas

Updated: Oct 13, 2016 06:22 PM EDT

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Snapchat has indeed expanded in terms of what they can offer over the last few years. It started from a basic disappearing photo messaging app, but now it features stories, content from news publications and video calling.

Telegraph Reporters and MSN have created a list of the best hidden features you must try in Snapchat. Below are some of examples:

Use multiple filters on one snap

Applying more than one filter to your snaps is now possible. Simply add the first filter normally by swiping left. Then, hold one finger on the screen and swipe with the other to choose a second one.

Take a screenshot without your friends knowing

After setting your phone into airplane mode, open Snapchat. Take a look at the snap and have a screenshot then log out of the app and close it. Turn airplane mode off and reopen Snapchat, and see for yourself a screenshot but no pesky notifications.

Find out what the emojis next to your contacts mean

If you are curious to know what the emojis next to your contacts' names mean, go to Setting -> under Additional Services tap "Manage Preferences" -> Friend emojis. In here, you can customize the emojis by tapping on a particular symbol and choosing one of your choice.

Bring back old filters

Snapchat would normally introduce new filters and remove older ones. It briefly allows users purchase old filters from its Lens Store. The good news is you can still get old lenses back by reverting back to an older version of the app.

To get an old lens on iOS go to Settings -> General -> Date and time and turn off "set automatically". Then change the date to when the filter you'd like to use was out. On Android go to General -> Date and time and deselect 'automatic date and time'.

Telegraph adds that you should not change the date to January 1 1970 on an iPhone though, as this will break your phone.

Make sure people know when it's your birthday

Go to Settings -> Birthday and turn on 'Birthday Party'. On the big day the cake emoji will appear next to your name and expect your friends that they would not be forgetting your special day.

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