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Discover The Arts, History And Culture of Native Americans With NativeAmerica.Travel

Travelers Today       By    Mumtazah Umal

Updated: Oct 12, 2016 07:55 PM EDT

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Experience America’s Largest Powwow | Short Film Showcase
Filmmaker Keeley Gould captures contemporary Native American culture at the 31st annual Gathering of Nations in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Over 700 tribes attend this three-day cultural heritage celebration.
(Photo: National Geographic/YoutubeScreenshot/

The American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association developed an online guide and interactive map called NativeAmerica.Travel, which features Native American travel destinations and experiences.

You can explore some activities and events in 12 U.S. regions, including Alaska, California, Great Basin, Great Plains, Hawaii, Midwest, Northeast, Northwest, Rocky Mountains, Southeast, Southern Plains and Southwest.

The website features Experiences, Destinations, Maps and Travel Tips sections. Los Angeles Times wrote "Each experience has links to nearby accommodations and local travel resources, weather information and nearby attractions. You can even create a bucket list to keep track of places or events you might like to go to. Don't miss the Travel Tips section where you can read up on rules and general guidelines for visiting tribal lands."

"A visit to Indian Country offers authentic experiences and a chance to learn the history of the land and its inhabitants from those who live it, who grew up with it, and who learned it from the generations that came before them. The history and character of tribal places and their people are discovered through conversation and experience, and can only take place by visiting," according to NativeAmerica.Travel website.

Travelers visiting the Native American sites in the U.S. are increasing for the past three years. Indian Country welcomes the visitors with open arms to explore its cultural events, historic sites, arts and crafts shop as well as outdoor adventures.

The NativeAmerica.Travel was launched in September 2015. Through the website, destinations such as American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaii is more accessible now.

"To allow visitors to explore Indian Country more easily, the American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association has identified 12 regions that encompass tribal historic sites and landmarks. Every one of these regions has its own distinctive beauty, story, art, culture and attractions," written on their website.

"NativeAmerica.Travel is the first destination website to promote Indian Country tourism to the world."

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