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90 Day Fiance: ‘Happily Ever After?’ News and Spoilers: Danielle Spills Mohamed’s Infidelity

Travelers Today       By    Anne Khristine Coleman

Updated: Sep 20, 2016 10:56 AM EDT

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90 Day Fiance | Season 4 Episode 1 | For Your Eyes Only
Season 04, Episode 01 - “For Your Eyes Only”
Before the foreigners arrive, the Americans must prepare. This special episode showcases the anxiety before each relationship’s 90-day clock begins – and in once case, before the decision to apply for the Visa process has even been made.
(Photo: 90 Day Fiance/YouTubeScreenshot/

TLC's 90 Day Fiance is Back! The show which already finished three seasons premiered its fourth run last September 11 and Gossip and Gab shared its thoughts about the premiere episode. According to the news site, the first chapter of what would be the reality show's topsy-turvy plot filled with affairs was nothing compared to the trailer that was shown at the end. The trailer hinted drama and more drama.

Six couples from the first three seasons have come back to the silver screens to leave the audiences either in love or dazed and confused. Four couples out of the six who will be coming back were introduced in the premiere episode. Among them are Brett and Daya, Kyle and Noon, Loren and Alexei, Melanie and Devar, Russ and Paola, and the most popular couple at this point of the show, Mohamed and Danielle. Their fans are awaiting for more information about the returning couples to learn their current condition.

To recap on their journey, Parent Herald stated that during the separation talks between Mohamed and Danielle, it was revealed that Mohamed first spoke about the divorce option. This was first reported in Empty Lighthouse Magazine.

The spin-off to the series will surely give answers to most of the questions fans have formed in their heads last season finale. Danielle confirmed when she found out that Mohamed's reason for marriage was to obtain a Green Card through her. Moreover, she shed light to the issue of cheating. Surprisingly though, the couple stayed together all the way through their big fights which led to a much more scandalous situation with the police.

Several social media posts helped fan the flame as one woman sought Mohamed's attention saying she was impregnated by the latter. Mohamed quickly claimed he should be acquitted of all suspicions and blamed Danielle why he moved out of their house and lived in Florida. His reason being that his wife easily listens to other people rather than listen to him.

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