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Zika Travel Advisory: 5 Countries Better Than Brazil For Your South America Fix

Travelers Today       By    Kareen Liez Datoy

Updated: Jun 07, 2016 09:26 PM EDT

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Peru Trekking
The trek ascends the Patallacta pass (2700m) while still in the cloud forest, Lucmabamba Peru, 01 July 2007. We see young trekkers travelling on a budget trek down to Aguas Calientes on their way to see Machu Picchu. They are depicted as they see the first view of the back wall of the famous site. The trek continues down hill to the hydro-electric plant and man made-waterfall until the group comes to the train station from where they take a 30 minute ride to the town of Aguas Calientes. Later that day we visit Machu Picchu and see the ruins under a late afternoon sun. That night there is a full moon and we photograph Macchu Picchu under the moonlight in what must be a timeless centuries-old scene. The next morning the group walks around the ruins for an hour and witnesses tourists groups of all nationalites interacting around Macchu Pichu. Finally the group takes a Cuzco bound train on their way home.
(Photo: Brent Stirton/Getty Images)

Brazil is no doubt, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. But because of the Zika virus that has spread in the area, some people might be hesitant to visit it. However, there are still more places in South America that travelers can try.

Here are some places in South America that travelers will find very interesting.

1. Argentina. There are many captivating sceneries in Argentina, being the eighth biggest country in the world. You can visit the Argentine Patagonia from the Lake District to the rustic cattle ranges of Southern Patagonia, Travel US News suggested. You can also visit the El Bosque Tallado, or the Carved Forest, an open-air art museum featuring about 30 sculptures made from the burned remains of trees.

2. Peru. One will surely enjoy this country, apart from its famous Machu Picchu attraction, since it has three Amazon regions which include the riverine national parks and reserves; the Chachapoyas-Gocta-Kuelap circuit, that has mummy museums and waterfalls and the Tambopata reserve, where one can try boat trips, the Telegraph wrote.

3. Colombia. This is the South American country that boasts both Caribbean and Pacific coasts, and is considered as one place that you have to include in your bucket list. You must not miss visiting Medellin, which is a metropolitan in a valley with enjoyable nightlife. You will see more than 20 larger-than-life, voluptuous sculptures by artist Fernando Botero at the Botero Plaza.

4. Ecuador. Another beautiful country in the South American region is Ecuador,d wherein the Andes divided into two ranges, where one can find the Avenue of the Volcanoes. These are located hours from the capital and will also be ideal for those who like hiking. You can also enjoy the Peguche Waterfall as well as the Animal Market in Otavalo where you can try eating a Guinea pig.

5. Uruguay. If you love beaches, you will no doubt enjoy Uruguay with its Atlantic coast. There are also agricultural towns like Tacuarembó and Treinta y Tres that are good for riding and birding holidays. Thrillist also suggests that you visit Colonia, which is just a ferry ride across the way from Buenos Aires. When you get to Colonia, it features cobblestone streets and historic buildings since it is Uruguay's oldest enclaves.

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