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5 New Travel Startups To Get Best Hotel Rates

Travelers Today       By    Kareen Liez Datoy

Updated: Jun 03, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

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 Aside from flights, one important thing for travelers are hotel bookings. Sometimes, it is challenging to find good rates for hotels especially that some wouldn't prefer guests to book with them directly and would need to use travel agency to do that.

Today, we will look into some startups that is collated by Skift that will help hotel guests get better rates. Some may even allow bidding and easier booking, even to hotels that are hard to get in. The startups that we will feature today allows travelers to book directly, letting them bid for the best rates. Travelers will also get more transparent and flexible rates.

1. Bid-A-Hotel. This is a B2B tool for hotels that will help travelers to locate overbooked hotel rooms. It is also a bidding platform so that overbooked hotels can notify other hotels with available rooms near the area. Hotels can also bid on guests who are looking for stays.

 2. FindMyStay. This is a hotel bidding platform for India which has about 2,000 hotels in more than 40 cities across India. Guests could avail of an average of 30 percent discount on their bookings.

3. Bidroom. It will be easier to get the lowest rates in hotels through this booking site with direct booking rates. It also claims to help guests get five percent on every booking and it also charges hotels a lower commission rate.

4. UpsellGuru. Hotels are being provided with a software that allow guests to bid for room upgrades and book reservations for add-ons prior to their stay. This is done through email notifications that also inform guests of what is going on at the hotel during their stays.

5. OnlyBidding. This one allows guests to bid in auctions for the best room rates. Travel agents can also make bids for their clients through this.

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