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Fake Snow White Irks Disney: Made In China Imitation 'Captain America,' Kung Fu Panda' Characters Result In Lawsuit

Travelers Today       By    Gelli Chua

Updated: May 31, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

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Hong Kong Disneyland Slumps Amid Fall In Mainland Tourists
HONG KONG - APRIL 19: A boy holds a Mickey Mouse balloon on April 19, 2016 in Hong Kong, Hong Kong. Local media reported Hong Kong Disneyland fired under 100 of its staff last week after a nine percent decrease in attendance from last year. Business at the theme park has declined amid a weaker China economy and political unrest in Hong Kong.
(Photo: Photo by Lam Yik Fei/Getty Images)

Walt Disney Co. has announced that it was planning to file a lawsuit against intellectual property issues on Dalian Wanda Group Co. in China. Word has it the China-based theme park has copied the appearance of certain Disney characters without permission.

Wanda has allegedly had some characters dressed as Snow White, Captain America, and also stuffed animals that resembled Kung Fu Panda, as reported by Bloomberg News.

Walt Disney Co. released a statement in an email on Monday to address the issue at hand. Bloomberg News raised questions to Walt Disney in relation to Wanda's intellectual property rights violation.

Walt Disney's statement was follows, as reported in Bloomberg News:

"We vigorously protect our intellectual property and will take action to address infringement. Our characters and stories have delighted generations, these illegal and substandard imitations unfortunately disappoint all who expect more."

Billionaire, Wang Jianlin opened the Wanda City park in Nanchang on Saturday. This theme park is one of Wang's projects he hoped he could use to outcompete Disney as a global tourism company.

Wanda, though, said in a statement the Disney characters in the China-based theme park appeared in the premises of the stores of Wanda Mall. The statement indicated these characters did not spoke for the entire Wanda theme park itself.

The Wanda Cultural Tourism City covers a theme park, a movie center, an aquarium, hotels and retail stores. According to Wanda, the Chinese theme park should have 10 million people each year.

Wang, though, made his prediction the Disney park in Shanghai that is slated to open soon would not fare good in the Chinese city. The billionaire stated that the absence of innovation in the management of intellectual properties and characters would be the likely failure of Disney's business in Shanghai, as reported in Los Angeles Times.

A Disney theme park in Shanghai is scheduled to open on June 16, according to 

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