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Veterans Day vs Memorial Day: 5 Major Differences Of These Celebrations

Travelers Today       By    Gelli Chua

Updated: May 31, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

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Visitors Pay Respects To Fallen Service Members On Memorial Day At Arlington National Cemetery
ARLINGTON, VA - MAY 30: Terri Dunn Campbell of Virginia Beach, Virginia, stands with her daughter Nicole Campbell, 18, at the grave of her oldest son Kielin Terrell Dunn, who was killed at age 19 in Afghanistan in 2010, in Section 60, the burial ground for military personnel killed since 2001, at Arlington National Cemetery on May 30, 2016 in Arlington, Virginia.
(Photo: Photo by Allison Shelley/Getty Images)

Many may wonder what the differences are between veterans day and memorial day. Some people confuse the two occasions. For the information of all, Memorial Day has its celebration every May's last Monday. Memorial Day is the occasion that gives honor in celebration to the people who risked and lost their lives working in the military.

On the other hand, Veterans Day is categorized as a federal holiday that is celebrated on November 11, as reported in CNN Edition. This holiday is the day that is celebrated to give honor to the people who work in the military also.

Aside from these facts, the following are the 5 major differences between Veterans Day and Memorial Day:

1. Memorial Day has the graves of heroes surrounded by flowers.

Memorial Day is when the late heroes' graves are surrounded with flowers to give honor to them. On the other hand, Veterans' Day do not celebrate heroism with flowers.

2. Memorial Day is a day to remember and give praise to military personnel.

Memorial Day is simply celebrated to remember and give praise to military personnel, without any more further elaborated gestures of praise, as reported in The Washington Post.

3. Veterans Day is a day that celebrates to thank and honor military staff.

This said, Veterans Day is an elaborate celebration as it becomes the day to conduct events to give thanks in addition to honor, military staff. Events to give thanks to military staff during Veterans Day vary though.

4. Memorial Day traces its origin back to the days during the time frame after the civil war.

Memorial Day began right after independence and democracy are up and coming in America during the civil war, as reported in

5. Veterans Day started to exist after the World War I exists.

As stated by the Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Day started to being celebrated just after peace started to settle in USA. This time frame refers to the end of World War I. 

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